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Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) is the pioneering new therapy method that is gathering interest everywhere. It is different to therapy techniques such as CBT and talk therapy because it achieves outstanding lasting results very quickly. RTT™ is becoming more recognized and validated on a regular basis with course graduates reporting near-immediate success after graduating.

Becoming a successful therapist doesn’t take years of experience or a long psychology education or any therapy background – it takes the right practical training and a world-renowned teacher.

Become A Successful Therapist In A Few Months, Whilst Making A Profound Difference In Other people's
Lives As Well As Changing Your Own Life

What Are The Benefits Of Being An RTT™ Certified Therapist?

Make a profound difference in people's lives and your own

My course makes this possible
for YOU

Many people pick a profession with the outcome of helping people only to find they can’t help people in the way they wish to. My RTT™ training teaches you a method where you can make a profound difference not only to your client’s lives but also to your own.

You don't need any prior therapy training or experience to benefit from the course

You only need passion and a vocation to learn the required skills that we teach you.

You don’t need any prior therapy training. You may have thought this training is not for you because you’re not an existing therapist but 50% of my graduates had no prior therapy experience or training, just excellent people skills and a desire to help. My graduates with no prior therapy experience are doing phenomenally well.

Many of my best graduates had previous careers as:

• School teachers
• PR consultants
• Personal trainers
• Pilots
• Police officers
• Retirees
• Beauty therapists
• IT consultants
• City workers
• Architects

Experience AMAZING Personal Development: Join a community of people who have experienced incredible results

As you learn how to heal and help others over nine intensive days of training, you will inevitably grow and change yourself. Past graduates report that participating in the course resulted in profound healing experiences in addition to practical and professional knowledge.

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Live Course Structure

We aim to ensure the highest educational standards so you get the most out of your time with Marisa in the face-to-face training. Our course is approved by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and on the General Hypnotherapy Register. We cover the syllabus required by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council leading to professional membership with a range of national and international organisations including NCP, ICP, ASCH (Australia).

The Rapid Transformational Therapy™ live school (formerly known as the Marisa Peer Method live school) is delivered in person by Marisa Peer.

The course structure runs over a 12 day period. Attendance on some of those days is compulsory for all students. You must be present for all lectures, live demonstrations and to receive personal tuition. There will be down time when students are encouraged to practice with fellow students particularly if they do not have a therapy background.

NB: Students who are pre-existing therapists or who have a strong understanding of hypnotherapy do not have to attend practice arrangements on those days. The final course timetable detailing formal arrangements will be emailed prior to the course start date.

Rapid Transformational Therapy Certification

On successful completion of the course, students will be awarded a certificate in Rapid Transformational Therapy™ and a certificate in hypnotherapy. It is expected that graduates from the MPM RTT™ Live Training events will apply for professional registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and therefore the acquisition of the industry based award, the General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP). Application packs for this purpose can be downloaded directly from their website General Hypnotherapy Register.

Please Note: Our North American students will be responsible for exploring the practice requirements in their own State which can relate to prior professional experience and residency. It is the students responsibility to establish practice arrangement in their State. We cannot guarantee that students completing this course will be able to join a professional body.


Why is this course different?
The course is different as Marisa takes a very hands on approach. You will have daily practice sessions to master the method, with Graduates on hand to assist with any questions you have. Additionally, Marisa teaches Regression in a different way to other hypnotherapists, with the addition of ‘The Transformation’ which has been developed by Marisa herself.
What do I get after the live course?
This is where our course is different from other courses. Every graduate will be supported by live webinars and email support throughout the year. Please see the course outline section.
What happens if I do not reach the required standard?
Marisa and her Graduates are on hand to help throughout the course, and want everyone to pass the course. However, in the event that you fail to reach the accreditation standard at the end of the course, you will be invited to additional training at no extra cost.
Are there any more fees to pay?
We anticipate that after your post qualifying year you will be invited to join our Alumni. Membership of this group offers a range of benefits together with permission for your continued use of RTT™ branding. The fee for membership is $30.00 per month or $300 per annum. If you choose not to take up this offer your one-year support package (email, Facebook, masterclasses, listing) will come to an end and you will be unable to use the RTT™ Brand, as we can only allow Therapists who are commited to ongoing CPD training to represent the RTT™ Brand. You will be able to access the RTT™ website for up to 3 years from your date of purchase.
Cancellation Refund For Live Events
Whilst every effort is made to avoid changes to our programme, we reserve the right to withdraw or cancel any course. If for any reason the Marisa Peer School cancels an event, all course fees will be returned in full. We cannot, however, reimburse the cost of any expenses, travel or accommodation arrangements and suggest that you consider travel insurance to cover any significant costs incurred.
What if this course is not for me?
If by the end of the first day of training you decide the course is not for you, you simply need to discuss this with Marisa. After this discussion we will refund your fee in full.
What accreditation do I receive from this course?
RTT is endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the National and International Council of Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Association of Complementary Therapists, the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and many other International bodies.