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  • Simple strategies and techniques based on Marisa’s cutting-edge Rapid Transformational Therapy method on how to become a world-class therapist or coach even if you have no prior therapy background, education, or experience…

  • How to “wow” your clients and bring lasting change using Marisa’s proven and easy-to-follow method of “what lies beneath”...

  • The exact training technique that allows you to treat clients’ problems at their core, instead of their symptoms...

  • The exact steps to communicate with your subconscious mind by directly accessing and fixing whatever blockages may be there...

  • How to avoid being another average therapist with little to no long-term results, and instead become a therapist that your clients love and continues to come back to...

  • The most cutting-edge, revolutionary therapy training program designed to get you results (and a special opportunity for you!)...

  • How to use tips to help people — to know someone is having a better life because of you — and how to make a difference in people's lives, and ultimately in your own life.

Marisa Peer - UK's # Therapist. Creator Of
Rapid Transformational Therapy & I Am Enough

What if you knew that you could have a career transforming lives? That you can have a successful business making a difference by really helping people.

Marisa’s cutting edge method, Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), includes some of the most revolutionary therapy techniques that will transform your clients’ lives – and your own life.

Train with Marisa to learn some of her RTT revolutionary techniques designed to “wow” your clients, give them complete freedom from their issues, and get you lasting results single therapy session 

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) is a pioneering
new therapy method that is gathering interest everywhere.
It is different to therapy techniques such as CBT and talk therapy because it achieves outstanding lasting results very quickly. RTT® is becoming more recognized and validated on a regular basis with course graduates reporting near-
immediate success after graduating.

What RTT® Students And Course Graduates Say

"I feel this is a very special course. It is like no other that I have found. Although it is hard to believe things can shift in such a short amount of time. From my experience, one must go to the core belief system and clear that. Most therapies do not do this. This course does. All the best in your continued success."

Angela M - RTT® Graduate

"Marisa Peer, you are a GENIUS!! I have already made back triple what I paid for your course and every single client has had a transformation! One session with me using RTT and they literally are changed. Clients are messaging me constantly raving about our session stating things like "I finally know that there is nothing wrong with me it was just a belief". I'm finally happy doing what I love. I can't thank you enough!"

Amy T - RTT® Graduate

About Your Teacher, Marisa Peer

Proof of Marisa’s success can be found in her numerous and varied accolades.

She is listed in the Tatler guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors, has a long list of celebrity clients, and has been heralded as everything from “The Best Therapist in the UK,” to a “pioneering motivational hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and a winning sports psychologist.”

Gaining a reputation for provoking lasting change in her clients from just a single session, Marisa has become known as the “therapist’s therapist” for her ability to take on and transform clients that other practitioners have failed to help.

She developed her course based on a deep desire to spread her singular method to as many people as possible worldwide.

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Five Breakthrough Tips To Help You Become A World-Class Therapist