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Now - $3950

Are there any more fees to pay?

We anticipate that, after completing your post-qualifying year, you will want to continue to be part of the RTT community, to develop your expertise and understanding. We know just how important it is for recently qualified graduates to be immersed within a supportive environment and to be surrounded by more experienced graduates who can share their knowledge.

So, post-qualifying, you will be invited to join our Professional Practitioner Membership Programme, (PMP) with a host of additional benefits. Membership of this group offers a range of benefits including continued access to our recently launched bespoke Marketing Programme - “Building a Busy Practice”, step by step guidance on how to get your business growing.

PMP also grants permission for your continued use of RTT branding. The fee for PMP membership is $30 per month or $300 per annum. If you choose not to take up this offer your support package (email, Facebook, masterclasses) will come to an end and you will be unable to advertise using RTT Branding, as we can only allow Therapists who are committed to ongoing CPD training to represent the RTT Brand.

You will be able to state you have been trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy and have continued access to the RTT online programme for up to 3 years from your date of purchase. This does not include continued access to Building A Busy Practice.

Marisa Peer, More Than Enough Ltd will appear on your credit card statement.

If you experience any difficulties, please email support at [email protected]

Your Access To RTT™  Online Training

Once you have completed your purchase you will automatically be passed over to our student support team. Student Support is a team of experienced RTT graduates who know what you are going through and aim to help you every step of the way. They have all studied RTT™ and are therefore able to help you get the most out of this training program. You will be emailed your personal logins and password so you are able to access the program from day one.

From the home page, you will be able to access all modules of the RTT™ Online course, plus a wealth of additional materials including an extensive library of live demonstrations showing how skillfully Marisa works with clients in a range of different circumstances. There is a scripts section which is vital to all newly qualified practitioners as it gives you the material and confidence to work with most client concerns.

Everyone will retain access to the basic site for 3 years from point of purchase. Only students who join the Professional Membership Plan will be able to access new material as it is developed.

In Your RTT™  Online Training You'll Also Get

BONUS #1: Recorded Live Action Demonstrations And Therapy Sessions

Marisa is, without doubt, one of the most engaging therapist/speakers gaining international accolades for her contribution to this body of work. The cost of this course is worth it just to watch Marisa in action. See her treat a succession of clients with a variety of issues such as Phobias, Addictions and Fears, Infertility, Weight Problems, Relationship Issues, Rejection and Lack of Self-Worth, Memory and Concentration, Confidence and Self Esteem, Troubled Children and Teens, Public Speaking, Self-Care, Motivation & Achieving Goals and even varied health issues including Scoliosis, Deafness, Restricted Vision, Compromised Immune System, Migraines, Skin Conditions. The results speak for themselves.

BONUS #2: User-Friendly Scripts Containing Step by Step Instructions That Accelerate Your Results & Set You, AND Your Clients, Up for Success!

BONUS #3: Scripts You Can Use To Resolve Specific Issues for Your Clients.

Wealth Wiring , Command Cell Therapy, Conception, Pregnancy & Birth, Depression & Anxiety, Great Relationships, Interview Success, Passing Exams, Public Speaking, Self-Confidence, Sleep, Stop Smoking, Stop Drinking, Confidence and Self Esteem, Healing Energy Vortex, Weight Control, Addictions, Fears and Phobias, Sporting Prowess, Self Hypnosis.

BONUS #4: A Seminar Recording in which Marisa talks about how the mind works and the impact this has on your Clients' mind.

Marisa’s theory on human behaviour and how the mind works is made completely understandable and applicable to your work as a therapist. She breaks down her 30 years of experience and simplifies the workings of the mind in a way that is relevant to therapists and clients.

BONUS #5: RTT™ Practitioner Online Examination and Certification

In order to verify your proficiency and award you a certificate as an RTT™ Practitioner, you must undertake and attain a passing grade in our RTT™ Practitioner Online Examination. You are only able to take the RTT™ Practitioner Online Examination once you have completed all the modules.

BONUS #6: Access to the RTT™ Online Facebook Group

Continued access to the RTT™ Facebook Group where fellow trainees share ideas and support each one another. There is a dedicated Graduate Support Manager to help guide you should you have any questions you would like to ask about your practice. Students find this an invaluable resource to network with others and access practice sessions. Students are encouraged to post any concerns or questions they have as way of developing understanding amongst the wider group and receive a rapid response full of helpful ideas.

BONUS #7: Access to 'Building A Busy Practice' - a bespoke Marketing Program

You will be granted access to a bespoke marketing program, tailored to the needs of RTT graduates that's easy to implement and gets results fast, giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to start & grow your practice. There are monthly masterclasses, and interactive materials that take you through everything you need to get your business up and running. Delivered by experts in the field, this is the perfect add on to your qualification.

BONUS #8: Access to Dedicated RTT™ Email Support

After purchasing access to the RTT™ Online Training, you will be given access to office hours email support (9am-5pm UK time zone), where a dedicated RTT™ Support Specialist will be able to guide and assist you with your ongoing training queries.

PLUS! Unlock These Additional Benefits After Passing Your Online Exam!

BONUS #9: Licensing Access to the RTT™ Brand

Once you have successfully passed the RTT™ Practitioner Online Examination, you will receive a graduation pack outlining your rights to trade under the RTT™ brand name and how you can use the RTT™ brand in your marketing and practice materials, strengthening your brand image and joining a large global community of RTT™ Practitioners. 

BONUS #10: Unlock Opportunities To Join Our Professional Alumni

Practitioner Membership provides eligible Graduates with an opportunity to undertake advanced training tailored to suit your unique needs, including loads of practice time and an observed individual assessment. This gives PMP grads the chance to join our Professional Alumni. Only then can you be considered one of Marisa’s Approved Therapists.

Accelerated membership opportunities exist for graduates with a prior therapy background and/or significant experience to be fast tracked into the Alumni. Please contact us for further details.

What Rapid Transformational Therapy Online Graduates Are Saying

"I feel this is a very special course. It is like no other that I have found. Although it is hard to believe things can shift in such a short amount of time. From my experience, one must go to the core belief system and clear that. Most therapies do not do this. This course does. All the best in your continued success."

Angela M - RTT™ Online Graduate

"Marisa Peer, you are a GENIUS!! I have already made back triple what I paid for your course and every single client has had a transformation! One session with me using RTT and they literally are changed. Clients are messaging me constantly raving about our session stating things like "I finally know that there is nothing wrong with me it was just a belief". I'm finally happy doing what I love. I can't thank you enough!"

Amy T - RTT™ Online Graduate

"I've done the RTT training & it was truly amazing. I had previous training in Master Clinical Hypnotherapy, but Marisa's training is so much better!!You definitely don't need any prior knowledge, All you need is a passion for helping relieve another persons suffering, and a commitment to learn and grow"

Ewa Z - RTT™ Online Graduate